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Shaggy Dog

Sushi lovers… you know what I’m talking about!

A few weeks ago at Molly and Cody’s amazing Corpus Christi wedding bash, they had hand-passed appetizers that were… you guessed it, sushi.

Now, you might not believe it, but I guess we must live under a rock, because we have never had sushi. That evening, while I was photographing those excellent appetizers, I went ahead and grabbed one.

And right then, my life changed. Not only did I like what I tasted, but I wanted more.

Since then, we have been on a sushi quest. We posted on our Facebook page a few days ago asking for tips on a good restaurant to try. Lots of people recommended a place in Sugarland called Japaneiro’s, and yesterday, away we went.

If you are looking to try sushi, this is a great place to go, because not only do they have amazing sushi, but they have great ‘other food’ as well. So you could order normal food, and try out some sushi as well. We didn’t know exactly what to order, so we ordered 4 rolls to try:

Fiji: red snapper tempura, avocado and cream cheese in soy paper topped with sweet plantain and gyosa sauce.
Spicy Tuna: fresh tuna mixed with spicy chili and other house spices, avocado, green onions, and sesame seeds (of course, we got this sans green onions)
Philadelphia: smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese
Shaggy Dog: shrimp tempura, cream cheese wrapped in soy paper topped with shredded crab, Japanese mayo, and sriracha sauce

Shaggy Dog was our FAVE! If I had to rank them, it would be Shaggy Dog, Spicy Tuna, Philadelphia, then Fiji. But all of them were really tasty!

We are already thinking about the next time we can go. If you haven’t tried sushi yet, you should do it! I am a very picky eater, and I loved it!

Jillian and Cole :: Engagement :: Houston Wedding Photographer

We are super excited to share the photos from our evening with Jillian and Cole! These guys are too much fun. They are such naturals in front of the camera. Enjoy!

We didn’t plan engagement session season around them, but how about those Texas wildflowers?These two are so much fun!Jillian, you are so beautiful! I love the way Cole looks at you! :)

Guys – we had a great time with you and we can’t wait until your wedding!

Tara and David :: Engagement :: Houston Wedding Photographer

We were so excited for Tara and David’s e-session! We’d only talked to them on the phone and via e-mail, and we were soooo ready to finally get to them them and hang out! Turns out, we have lots of things in common so there weren’t any dull moments during our evening together. We *might* have spent a lot of time talking about Harry Potter – because we both love it. There also *might* be a picture floating around of Tara and David holding wands (or sticks) that was photoshopped to look like they were actually performing spells. Hey, what can we say… we had a great time!

They also brought props! Notice the balloons match the cute little balloon tattoo on Tara’s foot! By the way, don’t they look cool here!?

Two happy people!

Tara and David, we had an excellent time with you! We can’t wait for your wedding at 7F Lodge! :) You were so fun!

Playing Tourist at the Texas State Aquarium

Last weekend Cat and I got to travel to Corpus Christi for Molly and Cody’s wedding! We wanted to turn our trip in to a little “vacay” so we went a day early and turned in to total tourists. When we were driving down I made up our minds that we were going to the aquarium while we were there!

We got there right before the dolphin show started and had to squeeze our way between the spectators to get a good look!

If you didn’t know, when it comes to animal attractions (zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks, etc.) I turn in to a little kid. Giddy with excitement and I may let out the occasional “WOW!” or “LOOK AT THAT!” Cat on the other hand, was a little less enthused. Maybe this will help you understand.

After we got hot and sweaty watching the dolphins, we headed indoors and headed under the sea!

Sidenote: Who loves that song from The Little Mermaid? “Unda da sea! Unda da sea! Darlin’ it’s bettah, down where it’s wettah, unda da sea!”

The jellies were first and I could have watched them all day! They just floated around so effortlessly and elegantly.

Aside from getting to see the cool fish/fishes, Cat’s commentary throughout the entire aquarium was splendid! She looked in the tank with the jellyfish and said “Do you think that they are having fun?”

We continued to walk around the dark hallways that were illuminated by huge glass walls that made up the separation between us and the water.

They also had this man-eater. Since this was the Texas aquarium, and this was in the “marshland” environment, I am pretty sure this dude’s sister lives in the slough beside our house. That means we are moving, and I am not going outside without a bazooka! Can’t be too careful these days.

When we first saw the porcupine, Cat said “I am pretty sure he is dead.” Then she tried to watch real close and see if he was breathing, which was followed by “Yup, he’s dead, do you think we should tell someone?” I just calmly pointed to a sign that said “Nocturnal” and under her breath she muttered “Well that explains it.”

I tried to get a kid to stand next to this fish to show how big he was, but no one would help me. This thing was like 6 feet long and 4 foot tall! HUGE!

I think our next stop will be SeaWorld in San Antonio for Priscilla and Chip’s wedding coming up soon! Anyone want to go with?

Molly & Cody’s Sneak Peek :: Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer

Yesterday we were celebrating with Molly and Cody in Corpus on their wedding day! The weather was beautiful, the details were outstanding, the venues were stunning, and you can choose your own words for these hotties! We were thinking gorgeous, jaw-dropping, romantic…the list goes on that on!

Goodbye, Old Friend

I bet when you read that title, you didn’t expect this blog post to be about a cow.

If you’ve spent any time tooling around on our website, you might know that Luke and I met at a cattle show. Both of us grew up showing cattle all over the United States and those travels led us both to South Dakota in 2004, where we were at the National Junior Shorthorn Show. I wasn’t showing cattle there as I was done showing in the junior (age 21 and under) shows after 2001, but Luke was showing a steer there.

Anyway, one of the saddest things I’ve encountered in my semi-adult life is the aging of my old show heifers. Of course the ones from my early days of showing cattle have long since passed, but it’s the last few that are really pulling at my heart strings.

The other day, I got the news from my parents that one of my last show heifers, Cumby (it’s a nickname, her full name is Cumberland) was having trouble getting around and that it was only a matter of time until she would pass on. In order to show her the respect that she deserved, decisions had to be made about the end of her life and her burial. She was born in September 1999, so she was almost 13 years old. That’s a pretty old cow.

A few weeks ago we were taking pictures of someone on the ranch, and as we were driving back to our house, we saw old Cumby relaxing under a tree. Luckily, we had our cameras with us and Luke was able to take these pictures of her for me to have. She’s gone now, so these are the last pictures we have of her.

She looks old in these pictures, but it is how I will always remember her. Relaxing under the majestic oak trees, looking at me like an old friend. Cumby knew me longer than Luke. It’s weird to think of it like that. I have a scar on my arm that I got one day when I was showing her, and I accidentally cut my arm. I have pictures on my wall of her and I while we were showing, and for years she lived in the pen right by my house. And now I have these photos of her. I am so thankful to be a photographer.

Goodbye, old friend. You’ll be in my memories.

Lauren’s Mentorship

We spent a day a few weeks ago mentoring a wonderful photographer from Central Texas, Lauren Crose of Lauren Crose Photography. Lauren contacted us about spending a day with us learning about how we run our business and how we shoot.

We had a lovely handful of a model for the day: our studio assistant Abby! Abby was needing some new portraits made and she was ready for the shoot! Again the wonderful Holly Vesely got Abby’s hair and makeup fixed and she was looking fab!

Here’s the behind the scenes photos! Here Luke’s using a reflector to fill in the shadows on Abby’s face.There’s always lots of laughs.
The ladies! Abby, Cat, and Lauren.Who knows what Luke’s saying here! Just kidding – I know what he was saying. We were talking about setting a custom white balance.And now for the pictures we took that day of Abby!Cool hair, huh?

Thank you Lauren for coming and spending the day with us! We had a wonderful time talking to you about your business and shooting with you. We know that you will have an exciting time growing your business!

It’s Friday Baby!

It happens to me everyday around 3 o’clock. I get sidetracked. I get bored. I get on random websites to look at funny cartoons and laugh like this baby!

In all honestly, I am perfectly okay with my lack of productivity for a hour or two. Cat and I usually will go to the local cafe drive-thru for a sweet tea and maybe an ice cream cone. It’s what we do!

However, today our “play time” comes a little bit earlier because…well…just because. I was sitting at my computer staring at a pile of papers and thought “I wonder how many ‘Pinky and the Brain’ quotes I can find?” So I searched for “Pinky and the Brain quotes” and got a few chuckles out of my favorite “Are you thinking what I’m thinking Pinky?” questions.

Here are a few of those:

The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?
Pinky: Um… I think so, Brain, but what if the chicken won’t wear the nylons?

The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?
Pinky: I think so, Brain, but how will we get the Spice Girls into the paella?

The Brain: Are you pondering what I’m pondering?
Pinky: I think so Brain, but burlap chafes me so.

After getting my fill of those, I went to this website that is a new discovery here for us! How I didn’t know about it before, I will never know, but it is amazing. This particular video, is 100% completely and totally me! (Click here to see what I am talking about) I can’t embed the video, so I just have to share links :(

Finally I end up on Pinterest, crying because someone else beat me to the cookie dough, graham cracker, marshmallow creation that I couldn’t think to make. I mean, seriously, those are a few of my favorite things, how could I not have thought to put them all together? Anyone else feel that way?

I don’t know why I said finally before, because I had one last thing that I wanted to share. Let me just preface (rhymes with breakfast, Cat) this by saying that I regularly YouTube Star Wars clips to just watch them and my high school email address was, so I am a bit of a Star Wars fanatic, and I am perfectly okay with that. Anyway, I stumbled across this picture in my journeys through cyberspace, and got a good chuckle out of it. I hope it makes you chuckle too!

Happy Friday! May the Force be with you!



Somebody That I Used To Know

Anyone else addicted to this song, by Gotye? (On another note, how do you pronounce this word. In my head, I have been saying it just like it is spelled Got-Yee. But last night, Randy Jackson said it completely different and I had that feeling where I realize I’ve been saying something wrong. I had a similar feeling when I realized the word “preface” was NOT pronounced like Pre-Face. My best friend was like, “You sound stupid! It rhymes with breakfast!”)

It seems like recently this song has just exploded! In the past 2 days I’ve seen covers of it on TV twice. First, Blaine and his brother sang it on Glee (and did amazing, I must say!) and then on American Idol last night it was covered again by Elise and Philip. I didn’t like their version as much as the others, but I was still happy to see it. I especially liked it when Steven Tyler said it was on repeat on his iPod lately, and that it was changing music as we speak. I’ve been knowing that!

Luke and I have been big fans of this song now for a little over a month. I would like to say we discovered it on our own, but that really isn’t true. While we were at WPPI in Vegas, Jose Villa used the song in one of his slideshows during his platform class. I immediately was like, “WHAT is this song?!” It was like nothing I’d ever heard. So I typed the lyrics into my phone so I could Google it later. That night, we also discovered the amazingly awesome (that’s an expression, right?) video on YouTube. The video is just as cool as the song.

I just thought I might as well show it to you here!