The Horton Family


Dec 7, 2018

When Katie reached out to me inquiring about photographing her family’s photos, I was thrilled. One, that meant I got to hang out with Beau and also meet Lincoln, who was still in Katie’s belly the last time I photographed them. And two, it meant I had another reason to go up to Illinois. Although the weather didn’t permit to take my usual outdoor portraits, I am in love with the timeless feel and look of their photos in her parent’s beautiful home in Saint Charles. Also, when I say the weather didn’t permit…that doesn’t mean rain like our usual southern selves think. I experienced my fist blizzard, which was quite unusual if I must say. The Hortons were so welcoming and fun during their session, and I look forward to photographing many more seasons in their lives. Thank y’all so much for choosing me to photograph y’all’s sweet family!

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