The Thigpen Family


Apr 29, 2019

I remember many years ago, when I first met Sarah and Kolten. We were at a stock show in Brenham, and they were just dating at the time. I did, and still til this day, think they are the most genuine couple I’ve ever known. Everyone couldn’t wait til Kolten would finally pop the question because we all wanted him to marry Sarah so badly because hello, she’s absolutely stunning, and her personality is ten times prettier (if that’s even possible!) Not long after, Kolten and Sarah got married and started their lives together like they had always dreamed about. Then, a few years later, little Lawson came into the world – everyone was so excited for them! I’ve watched the Thigpen family grow, and it has been such a blessing to know this wonderful family. Thank you Sarah and Kolten for always being there for me and such great friends. I am honored y’all chose me to capture such a special season in y’all’s lives, and I wish y’all all the best in y’all’s move to Sweetwater.

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